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Fence and Gate Repairs – Don’t waste your time!!! Eddie came out to my house on 1/2/21 and to see the work I wanted done. He said I would have my estimate on Monday 1/4/21 and his only request was just to let him know either way yes or no about having the work done. Monday passed and I never received my estimate. I messaged Eddie on Wednesday 1/6/21 about it and he said sorry I’ll have it in the morning 1/7/21. Today is 1/9/21 and I still haven’t received it so I’ve canceled my request for service. It’s obvious Eddie didn’t want to do this project, The least he could’ve done was tell me either way…

Florida Home Improvement Pro’s’s reply:
Louis, I do apologize about the delay in your estimate. It is not our practice to delay a proposal. However, though not an excuse, but it was because of an extenuated circumstance. Unfortunately Eddie’s dad was sent to the hospital last week with COVID. He did not make it and things have been strained over the past days. Again, this is not an excuse and I do apologize. We strive for customer satisfaction and we fell short. I hope you can understand and you found someone to do the work.
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