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On Tuesday I had water leaking from my upstairs bathroom down to my kitchen.  I called a local plumbing company and they came out on Wednesday.  They looked at the shower and said it was likely that some holes/cracks needed to be filled.  I went on yelp and found Eddie.  I filled out the contact form and he replied right away.  He came out on Thursday evening and took a look and told me he could come Friday morning to caulk those areas.  He was here today and did the work.  I had explained the issue I had last year when my association had the roofs redone.  At that time last year I had an issue that day with the shower and toilet which caused a leak to the kitchen.  I stopped using the toilet out of fear it would happen again.  So Eddie asked me if I wanted him to turn the toilet on.  I said yes because I need to have a functional toilet again!  Well that showed us more of what the problem really is.  Water started to come out through the shower and again leaked downstairs.  He explained to me how all the plumbing lines work.  He went out to his truck to get an auger to try and clear the shower to save me from having to get someone else out and pay more money.  Unfortunately that didn’t work but he took the time to call a plumber he works with that could do the work.  They had a couple minute long conversation figuring out what most probable cause of the problem was.  Eddie even explained that it’s my only shower and the urgency of the situation to see when the plumber could come out.  I am hoping this weekend!  Eddie and his wife Debbie were great and communicating with me and just overall kind helpful people.  All this is very overwhelming and stressful for me but Eddie helped me feel more at ease in figuring it all out.  He took into consideration the full picture and knew he had to test the toilet to get to the root of the problem.  The other people I had come out before knew the full story too but didn’t do what Eddie did.  They did put in a new garbage disposal for me and after speaking with Eddie I know they gave me a fair price so I am thankful for that.  Anyways, my point is CALL EDDIE!

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